International Symposium 2015 - Protonation Dynamics in Redox Proteins

In September 2015, the SFB 1078 organized and hosted a 3-day discussion meeting on the role of protonation dynamics in photosystem II and cytochrome c oxidase to work out common motifs as well as differences between the two protein systems. Altogether 23 excellent speakers from abroad as well as from Berlin contributed to the intense, scientific exchange, which generated a very stimulating environment also for the PhD students and postdocs of the SFB 1078.

Impressions from the symposium

"The meeting was a great mix of people from the “oxidase world” and the “photosynthesis world”. We all learned something—I most certainly did."

Prof. Bob Gennis,  University of Illinois, USA

"I learned a lot about both CcO and PSII at the symposium - it was great to see and interact with such a mechanistically driven crowd. [...] I “envy” you guys for having such a collective yet focused approach to tackle these fundamentally important protein systems! I look forward to more discussions - or perhaps even collaborations - in the future!"

Prof. Qiang Cui, University of Wisconsin, USA

"I was particularly impressed by the critical mass - quite probably the highest in the world - of excellent groups that you now have in Berlin in this area."

Prof. Peter Rich, University College London, UK

"I felt it [the meeting] to be unique in its ‘cross-cutting’ nature comparing the cytochrome oxidase and PSII on the one hand, and bringing different disciplines together on the other hand. It was the most scientific ‘fun’ I have had for a long time."

Prof. Robert Burnap, Oklahoma State University, USA

"Great talks! I learned a lot. And I particularly appreciate the open and intense discussions."

Prof. Peter Brzezinski, Stockholm University, Sweden

"I spent a very good time and I started to have new ideas for my research through this meeting."

Prof. Miwa Sugiura, Emihe University, Japan

"As CcO is my main research topic, I believe it was really a great opportunity to obtain more general knowledge about my system and as well as to learn more about up-to-date problems and advances on this topic. I guess I will not have a more specific conference in my life."

Jovan Dragelj, PhD student, Freie Universität Berlin

"During the symposium, I enjoyed very much the diverse background and specialization of the lectures. Thus, the processes within PSII, which I previously viewed separately, joined together to form [...] a dynamic and alive structure, where all processes are entangled by rearrangements of specific groups, water, and even large membrane crossing helices. A lot of ideas how to proceed with my own measurements arose. Also I am now able to connect the authors of many publications with a face, which really makes the community more familiar."

Philipp Simon, PhD student, Freie Universität Berlin

"The symposium provided time and space to save ideas, to allow (also far-reached) interpretations, and to understand the topic in more detail. I had time for reflection and benefited a lot from face-to-face exchanges, so I can now adjust my own research activity in the field."

Dr. Yvonne Zilliges, postdoc, Freie Universität Berlin


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