Channelrhodopsin in a Lipid Membrane

SFB 1078 - Protonation Dynamics in Protein Function

How do proteins function? Which mechanisms are effective in the regulation of processes by proteins? How are complex protein functions coordinated by protonation dynamics? Read more about the questions the SFB 1078 addresses.

Spectroscopic Techniques

SFB 1078 - Interdisciplinary Research

Molecular life science research at the borders of biology, chemistry, and physics is performed by combining new biophysical experiments with theoretical approaches. Read more about the projects of the SFB 1078.

SFB Retreat 2014

SFB 1078 - Committed Scientists

A total of 20 principal investigators is involved in the collaborative research center together with an even bigger number of PhD students and postdocs. Find out more about who is participating in the SFB 1078.

SFB Retreat 2013

SFB 1078 - Collaboration and Exchange

Seminars, monthly colloquia, and the annual retreat foster the scientific exchange and collaboration among members of the research center as well as with external colleagues. Read more about past and future events of the SFB 1078.

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft 2014

SFB 1078 - Communicating Biophysics

The Integrated Graduate School (IGK) of the SFB 1078 is offering a structured program for the advanced training of PhD students. It is also engaged in disseminating relevant research topics to a general public. Read more about the IGK's activities.