SFB Retreat 2014 in Bad Schandau

Program and impressions from the retreat taking place March 31 - April 3, 2014.

The second retreat of the SFB 1078 took place in Bad Schandau, which is situated on the river Elbe in the Saxon Switzerland near Dresden, Germany. More than 60 researchers and students associated with the SFB 1078 participated in the program, which comprised a great deal of student and postdoc talks. Extensive discussions and scientific exchange happened during the lively poster sessions and hiking tours in the amazing landscape of the Saxon Switzerland.

The prize for the best talk was awarded to Tom Resler (project B3, FU Berlin). The prize for the best poster was shared between Hendrik Mohrmann (project A1, FU Berlin) and Dr. Bilal Qureshi (project B6, Charité).