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Mercator Fellow

Computaitonal Photochemistry of Photoreceptor Proteins

Principal Investigators: Dr. Igor Schapiro (HUJI)

The Mercator project comprises accurate excited state calculations of chromophore-protein complexes and their dynamics. For this purpose a multiscale approach is used which is based on a combination of accurate ab initio calculation applied to the chromophore with a description of the surrounding protein using a lower level of theory, namely a classical force field. In order to study dynamics in the excited state non-adiabatic molecular dynamics simulations will be carried out. The aim is to simulate the ultrafast photo-induced processes and to obtain a detailed understanding of the molecular mechanism. Potential cooperation is conceivable with other SFB projects in the research area B “Chromophore-driven protonation dynamics – photoreceptors” and computational modelling in section C "The bridge toward fundamental processes - theory".



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