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Fellowships Documents

Financial aspects

The scholarships amount to a monthly sum of 1365 EUR plus a flat fee for material and travel costs of 103 EUR (as of Jan. 1, 2013). The scholarships are supplemented by an allowance for children if the PhD student raises a child/children (cf. DFG Verwendungsrichtlinien Graduiertenkollegs, document no. 2.22 and 2.22a, >>).

Before obtaining any paid or unpaid part-time employment, the PhD student is required to obtain the prior consent of his/her supervisor as well as the approval of the IGK committee (cf. supervisor agreement). The amount of the scholarship remains unaffected if additional income is earned by academic part-time work and does not exceed 6,000 EUR per year (cf. DFG Verwendungsrichtlinien Graduiertenkollegs, document no. 2.22, >>).


PhD students holding a scholarship will need to attend to health insurance coverage themselves since the approval of a scholarship does not constitute an employment and will not cover for health, unemployment, or retirement insurance throughout the funding period (cf. approval notification).

PhD students holding a scholarship are covered by an accident insurence while working on campus (cf. Unfallversicherung für Personen ohne Beschäftigungsverhältnis mit der FU Berlin >>).



Documents required

All documents as of Oct 31, 2013. Original templates are to be found on the German website of the FU administration - Division VI: Research - Service for research funding >>.