Project A4

Tracking protonation dynamics in photosynthetic water oxidation in wild-type and mutated photosystem II

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Holger Dau (FU)

Photosynthetic water oxidation and O2-formation by plants, algae and cyanobacteria has shaped biosphere and atmosphere. The goal of this project is to understand the pivotal role of protonation dynamics in the redox chemistry of photosynthetic water oxidation. In classical and novel biophysical experiments, the functionally relevant proton movements are tracked with microsecond resolution, with a focus on time-resolved infrared spectroscopy. Moreover, the cyanobacterial photosystem II is genetically modified and, in a collaborative effort, structurally characterized by protein crystallography. The step toward atomistic understanding is approached jointly with the theory projects of the SFB.

Publications 2014 - 2017

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