Otto-Warburg Medal for Peter Hegemann

The 2018 Otto-Warburg Medal will be awarded to Prof. Peter Hegemann for his research on light-driven ion channels.

News from Mar 02, 2018

SFB Publication in Nature Communications

Physical details of proton transport within a protein unraveled. Theroretical predictions now confirmed by polarization-resolved experimental IR spectra. SFB 1078 scientists published a joint theoretical and experimental paper in Nature Communications.

News from Feb 19, 2018

SFB Publication Highlight

Kottke, Lórenz-Fonfría, and Heberle (2017). The Grateful Infrared: Sequential Protein Structural Changes Resolved by IR Difference Spectroscopy. J Phys Chem B 121, 335-350.

News from Jan 24, 2017

Second funding period granted to the SFB 1078

The German Research Foundation granted a second funding period to the SFB 1078. The joint research on "Protonation Dynamics in Protein Function" will now be continued until 2020.

News from Nov 21, 2016

Massry Prize for Peter Hegemann

The 2016 Massry Prize will be awarded to Prof. Peter Hegemann and two of his colleagues for their research on optogenetics.

News from Oct 07, 2016

SFB Publication in Phys. Rev. Lett.: Highlighted by APS

Schlaich et al. (2016) Water Dielectric Effects in Planar Confinement. Phys Rev Lett 117, 048001.

News from Jul 22, 2016

Nature Neuroscience - Q&A with Peter Hegemann

Ten yeras ago, Nature Neuroscience published a paper showing that channelrhodopsin-2 could drive activity in neurons in response to light. In Sepember 2015, a special anniversary issue presents thoughts from pioneers and users of 'optogenetics' that reflect on its past and future in neuroscience ...

News from Sep 16, 2015

SFB Retreat 2015

Impressions from the SFB Retreat 2015 in Goslar are now online.

News from Apr 23, 2015

Joint SFB Publication in Nature Chemistry

Velazquez Escobar et al. (2015). A protonation-coupled feedback mechanism controls the signalling process in bathy phytochromes. Nature Chemistry advance online publication.

News from Apr 14, 2015

Honorary Doctorate for Biophysicist Wolfgang Junge

Department of Physics at Freie Universität Honors Professor Junge for Pioneering Contributions to the Field of Biophysics.

News from Feb 09, 2015

Bruker Prize for Robert Bittl

The Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry has announced that the 2015 Bruker Prize Lecturer is Prof. Robert Bittl.

News from Nov 28, 2014

SFB Research Highlight

Hellmich, Bommer, et al. (2014) Native-like Photosystem II Superstructure at 2.44 Å Resolution through Detergent Extraction from the Protein Crystal. Structure 22, 1607-1615.

News from Nov 07, 2014

Video of Time-Resolved Step-Scan FT-IR is now online

Lórenz-Fonfría and Heberle demonstrate "Proton Transfer and Protein Conformation Dynamics in Photosensitive Proteins by Time-resolved Step-scan Fourier-transform Infrared Spectroscopy" in JoVE.

News from Jul 03, 2014

SFB Retreat 2014

Pictures from the SFB Retreat 2014 in Bad Schandau are now online.

News from May 07, 2014

SFB Publication in Science

Wietek et al. (2014). Conversion of channelrhodopsin into a light-gated chloride channel. Science 344, 409-412.

News from Apr 25, 2014