Project B1

Structural dynamics of channelrhodopsins

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Peter Hegemann (HU), Prof. Dr. Hartmut Oschkinat (FMP)

The long-term goal of this project is to gain an understanding of the structural dynamics of Channelrhodopsin linked to the opening and closing of the light-gated ion channel. Based on the 3D crystal structure of ChR, we want to reach the next level of insight into the regulation of conformational transitions. Static “snapshots” of ChR in terms of their three dimensional architecture in light and darkness should be provided by structural techniques such as X-ray crystallography as well as solution-NMR and solid state NMR (NMR, nuclear magnetic resonance). As a long-term goal, we want to monitor proton-hopping within the channel by means of solid-state NMR exchange spectroscopy.



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2013 - 2016

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