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Courses offered for IGK members

Workshop: What's my value outside academia?

Full day workshop by Jose Quesada

(Organization by IGK)

The workshop is designed to give students an opportunity to prepare and think about the time after the PhD.

Learning objectives: 1. How to evaluate the value of an idea inside academia (for example in grant proposals) 2. How industry and academia differ in how they value ideas 3. Risk types 4. Value types 5. Risk and value are relative 6. Risk and value are hard to measure 7. Risk and value are related 8. Value atomic transactions 9. Risk and accountability 10. Value comes from solving problems 11. Not all problems are valuable to solve 12. "What's my value?" is relative to industry, group, interviewer 13. Communicating value during an interview 14. Power awareness in value transactions

Each learning objective has exercises, prompts for discussions, and opportunities to try the concept. That is, this is not a 'lecture heavy' workshop.


December 12 2022, about 6 hours.

For registration, send an email to