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Franziska Sellnau

Since I have started my master thesis, I am a member of the AG Heberle. Meanwhile I became a PhD student which allows me to further focus on my master thesis topic. I predominantly perform time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy. I developed my interest for biophysics during a lecture, a friend of mine persuaded me to attend. It hadn't take long and this topic fascinated me.


Freie Universität Berlin

Fachbereich Physik, Institut für experimentelle Physik

Experimentelle Molekulare Biophysik

Arnimallee 14
Room 1.1.37
14195 Berlin

Franziska Sellnau, born 1993 in Anklam
2011-2015 Bachelor of Science, FU Berlin
2015-2017 Master of Science, FU Berlin

Like most of us, I investigate membrane proteins, more precisely channelrhodopsins. Channelrhodopsins are membrane channels that open after light excitation and permit ions to pass through. In order to understand the gating mechanism on a molecular level I perform time-resolved FT-IR and UV/Vis spectroscopy. These techniques allow me to define and trace vibrational states in the protein. From this I draw conclusions about structural and functional properties of the protein.