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Dr. Sarah Huch


Freie Universität Berlin

CRCs 1449, 1349, 1078, and Trr227

Consultant and Coordinator for Gender & Diversity

Takustr. 3
Room R 14.10
14195 Berlin

Dr. Sarah Huch is the new Consultant and Coordinator for Gender & Diversity in several CRCs in physics and chemistry at FU Berlin, including CRC 1449, 1349, 1078 and also TRR 227.

Some of you may know her from “Fachtag: Gender, Diversity & Career Development”.

Her tasks include the implementation of equal opportunity measures as defined by the DFG. She will develop and organize seminars, workshops and talks to promote gender and diversity competencies in CRCs and to support scientists in their academic careers. Your ideas for new measures are welcome and can be implemented and financed from the equal opportunity lump sum.

Implementation of equal opportunity measures as defined by the DFG:

The focus is on

  • promoting gender and diversity competencies
  • developing and organize seminars, lectures, workshops
  • supporting scientists (especially female scientists) in their academic careers ((Self)-Empowerment, Networking…) e.g. with workshops and trainings
  • providing introductory information and practical recommendations for the integration of gender and diversity aspects into research and teaching

We are open to your questions and issues and are looking foward to the exchange!

You are welcome to contact us at gender-diversity@sfb1078.de and/or follow her on Twitter @GenderDivFU.