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Prof. Dr. Robert Bittl is awarded with the 2019 silver medal in physics/materials from the International EPR (ESR) Society

We congratulate Prof. Dr. Robert Bittl for this recognition, which is awarded each three years for efforts advancing the field of electron paramagnetic resonance.

News from Apr 23, 2019

The silver medal is aimed at appreciating outstanding achievements advancing the field of electron paramagnetic resonance. Professor Bittl (project B4) is awarded for his many fundamental contributions to the understanding of the spin-physics of EPR spectroscopy with application in biophysics (i.e. light-driven electron-transfer processes in proteins) and solar energy materials (i.e. solar cells). He contributed greatly to a detailed molecular understanding of the functional properties in both fields.

Further information about the IES Silver Medal and the awardee can be found here.

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