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SFB Publication in Chemical Science

A recent Chemical Science publication from project A2 and C2 was selected as Pick of the Week and was included in the HOT Article Collection. The Royal Society of Chemistry published a nice video abstract.

News from Apr 20, 2020

It enlights the opening mechanism of the K-channel in the cytochrome c oxidase. The interplay of cytochrome c oxidase's cofactor electrostatics, long-range conformational changes, H-bond rearrangement, and water dynamics enables transient proton-channel activation.

Publication: Wolf, A., Dragelj, J., Wonneberg, J., Stellmacher, J.,  Balke, J., Woelke, A. L., Hodoscek, M., Knapp, E. W., and Alexiev, U. (2020). The redox-coupled proton-channel opening in cytochrome c oxidase. Chemical Science, 11, 3804-3811. doi: 10.1039/C9SC06463J

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