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SFB Publication in Biophysical Journal

A recent publication from the projects B2, B5 and Mercator Fellow I. Shapiro investigates the light absorption of channelrhodopsins and the associated pH sensitivity.

News from Aug 04, 2020

Channelrhodopsins are based on absorption of light energy. In the recent publication, SFB 1078 scientists show how very subtle structural changes in the binding pocket of ReaChR modulate the mechanism and efficiency of energy transfer to the protein. This functional pH sensitivity allows the protein to adapt its activity to different pH environmental conditions.

Kaufmann, J.C.D., Krause B.S., Adam S., Ritter E., Schapiro I., Hegemann P. and Bartl F.J. (2020). Modulation of Light Energy Transfer from Chromophore to Protein in the Channelrhodopsin ReaChR. Biophysical Journal 119, 705-716; doi: 10.1016/j.bpj.2020.06.031

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