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PhD Students of SFB1078 Present Image Video at Berlin Science week 2020


On November 03, 2020, a video by the SFB was presented during a livestream.

News from Nov 01, 2020

What controls the dance of the proteins?

Proteins are one of the most important molecules building our bodies, but they are not static: they are constantly moving, like dancing, and this dance is directly related to their function. These movements are generally not random, they may be controlled and coordinated by changes in the protonation state of the groups in key locations. In a short video we described how we combine physics, chemistry, and biology to understand these control mechanisms. We brought you into our labs where key players in the research presented their work. The video was followed with a talk by the spokesperson of the program, Prof. Joachim Heberle.

This was a digital event held in English (video in German with English subtitles).

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