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New DFG Guidelines for effective Career Support

The DFG has now published principles for effective career development in science. They are intended as a supplement to the guidelines for ensuring good scientific practice. They summarize how the conditions for scientists in early career phases - in particular doctoral and postdoctoral researchers - should be structured.

News from Apr 08, 2021

The new guidelines are particularly concerned with the appropriate balance between support and autonomy for scientists in the early stages of their careers.  Individual achievements, for example in teaching, writing funding proposals or publications, are to be given appropriate recognition. Supervisors must be valued for their committed, responsible and time-consuming efforts. Quality assurance measures with interdisciplinary and subject-specific standards should be implemented in research institutions. Scientific careers should include attractive conditions: predictability, adequate pay and equipment, equal opportunities, and work–life balance. Young scientists should be integrated into the scientific community at an early stage of their careers and receive support in building networks. Diverse and flexible personnel development concepts, through which different career paths are adequately supported, accompanied, and recognized, must be created at universities and research institutions.

The full article is available here.

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