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SFB Speaker Joachim Heberle Co-organizer of Telluride Workshop 2021

Joachim Heberle, speaker of SFB 1078, organized this year's virtual Telluride Workshop "Proton Transfer in Biology" and was re-elected as co-organizer for the next on-site workshop in 2023.

News from Jul 05, 2021

Joachim Heberle (TPA01/B03 and speaker of SFB 1078) was a co-organizer of this years Telluride Workshop "Proton Transfer in Biology" (June 22, 2021 - June 26, 2021), which had been postponed after the original planning in July 2020 due to the Corona situation.

The goal of the workshop was to gather interdisciplinary researchers who are interested in the structure and function of proteins that transport protons and water. The workshop is typically very small with max. 25 participants allowing an intimate meeting setting.

The Telluride Science Research Center has re-elected Joachim Heberle as co-organizer for the next workshop "Proton Transfer in Biology" in 2023, which is planned as an in-person event.


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