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Han Sun is appointed as a W2 professor at the TU Berlin

Dr. Han Sun appointed as professor at the TU Berlin

Dr. Han Sun appointed as professor at the TU Berlin

We congratulate Dr. Han Sun for being appointed a W2-S professor at the Institute of Chemistry of the Technical University of Berlin. As PI of the SFB 1078 project C8 she aims to obtain a comprehensive picture of proton and cation permeation in several viroporins such as the M proteins of the Dengue and West Nile viruses that pose high biomedical threats. She is also involved in other projects that can assist drug discovery.

News from Feb 01, 2022

Her main research interest focuses on the development and application of molecular modelling, molecular dynamics simulations together with other chem- and bioinformatics tools for designing novel bioactive molecules, and the characterisation of their interactions with biological targets. She has an especially strong interest in studying ion permeation, selectivity and gating of ion channels using computational simulations.

Since the 3rd funding period Han Sun joined the SFB 1078 leading the project C8 on “Proton permeation pathway and ion selectivity of viroporins investigated by atomistic molecular dynamics simulations”.

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