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30+ SFB 1078 members participated in the European Biophysical Society Association Meeting 2023

SFB 1078 members and friends at the EBSA 2023 meeting in Stockholm, Sweden.

SFB 1078 members and friends at the EBSA 2023 meeting in Stockholm, Sweden.
Image Credit: J Balke

The 14th European Biophysical Society Association (EBSA) Congress 2023 took place in the idyllic capital of Sweden. Included in its program were several scientific contributions by the SFB.

News from Aug 15, 2023

Biophysicists from all over the world brought their experimental, theoretical and computational biophysics expertise to the Aula Magna of Stockholm University, home to SFB 1078 Mercator fellow Ville Kaila, where he is a professor of biochemistry. Here, Ville presented his computational biophysics research on proton transport in complex biochemical systems as a plenary speaker at the EBSA meeting 2023.

Several SFB members contributed their experimental biophysics knowledge at the meeting, including SFB spokesperson and spectroscopist Joachim Heberle (project A1), who shared his research revealing structural changes within the photocycle of the light-driven Na+ pump Krokinobacter rhodopsin 2 (KR2). Rhodopsin protein was also the focus of a talk given by IGK member Luiz Schubert, who works with time-resolved IR spectroscopy alongside Joachim Heberle in his lab. PI Adam Lange (project B10) gave another talk in the field of spectroscopy. Several posters by members of the SFB were included in the poster session.

Overall, the SFB members enjoyed their stay from July 31 - August 4th in the former hall of physics and chemistry Nobel lectures, where they strengthened the collaboration between the fields of physics, biology and medicine with their scientific contributions.


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