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SFB Speaker Joachim Heberle Co-organizer of Telluride Workshop 2024 (16 – 20/7/2024)

Joachim Heberle, speaker of SFB 1078,co-organizes this year's Telluride Workshop "Proton Transfer in Biology" in Colorado

News from May 24, 2024

Proton transfer reactions are crucial in various scientific fields, but understanding their mechanisms has been hindered by a lack of detailed structural information. Advances in structure determination of energy-transducing membrane proteins now allow significant progress in this area, aiding fields like fuel cell design and heterogeneous catalysis.

The upcoming conference aims to unite scientists from diverse disciplines to explore proton and water transport systems, focusing on both long-range and short-range movements in biological and model systems. The workshop is typically very small with max. 25 participants allowing an intimate meeting setting.

Jessica Swanson, Brian Dyer, and Joachim Heberle organize this Telluride workshop taking place on-site as well as virtually from July 16 to July 20, 2024 in Colorado.

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