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Project B7

Ultrafast dynamics and structural studies of prokaryotic and plant phytochromes

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Karsten Heyne (FU), Prof. Dr. Jon Hughes (JLU)

Using X-ray crystallography together with state-of-the-art ultrafast Vis and IR spectroscopic methods, we propose to determine and interpret phytochrome structures and track ultrafast changes in hydrogen bonding networks, proton donor and acceptor groups and electrostatic interactions following photon absorption. We will focus on Cph1 and plant phytochromes, although studies on rhodopsins are also included. Comparison of related structures and dynamics will allow us to make general conclusions regarding structure/functional regulation via protonation dynamics and other processes.


2021 - 2024

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2017 - 2020

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2013 - 2016

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