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Previous courses offered for PhD students

Bioinformatic Tools for Biology and Biophysics

8-day course, 19 - 28 June 2019

by Prof. Rob Burnap, Oklahoma State University

Course Description

The course enables students to utilize bioinformatics approaches and software for the analysis of biomolecular structure, function, and evolution. This course aims to be a broad-scoped and "hands-on" introduction to solving common problems of bioinformatics, particularly in relation to protein structure analysis. It is primarily aimed at students of biology and biophysics wishing to receive practical training in the following topics: molecular genetic foundations of protein structure and evolution, amino acid and DNA sequence alignment scoring systems, and the utilization of existing software tools to discover and interpret molecular function and variation. Additional select topics will include protein family analysis, mapping patterns of linear sequence conservation to corresponding 3D structures, and utilizing web-based comparative genomics tools. The course will involve hands-on use of readily available software including PyMol (structure visualization), some coding (Python, file manipulation), JalView and MEGA for sequence and phylogenetic analyses, and publicly available computational resources of sequence analysis and structure prediction using homology modeling.