Integrated Graduate School (IGK)

The Integrated Graduate School (Integriertes Graduiertenkolleg, IGK) offers a structured program and support to all PhD students of the SFB during their doctoral studies. The IGK is embedded in the DRS Graduate School “Molecular Science” of the Dahlem Research School (DRS) at Freie Universität Berlin.


IGK Schedule

The research seminar series is self-organized by PhD students of the IGK and covers new developments in biophysics, spectroscopy, structural and molecular biology, and theoretical chemistry/biophysics. Once per year, the PhD students present and document their research progress in annual reports.


Scientific Outreach

A total of 21 PhD students and 3 postdocs from the SFB 1078 participated in the Annual Meeting of the German Biophysical Society, which took place at the University of Lübeck from 14 to 17 September 2014. The numourous scientific contributions made a significant scientific impact at the meeting.

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2013

Public Outreach

Each year, PhD students of the IGK organize and present the SFB and its research to the general public in the framework of the Long Night of the Sciences. In 2016, the presentations of the SFB 1078 for visitors of the Long Night of Sciences included projects from FU as well as TU Berlin.


General Information

The program of the IGK focuses on interdisciplinary training in research fields represented by the SFB projects. All new PhD students of the SFB become members of the IGK by signing a supervisor agreement. The IGK continuously recruits highly talented graduates and provides special integration scholarships. As a member of the Dahlem Research School (DRS), PhD students and postdocs profit from a wide range of courses for their professional development.