IGK Schedule - Research Seminars - Progress Reports

Annual Progress Reports 2014
Image Credit: I. Zaharieva

The research seminar series is self-organized by PhD students of the IGK and covers new developments in biophysics, spectroscopy, structural and molecular biology, and theoretical chemistry/biophysics. The seminars comprise expert talks by SFB principal investigators, student talks, and/or practical demonstrations in the lab. Once per year, the PhD students present and document their research progress in annual reports.

IGK Symposium

"World of Wavenumbers - Infrared Techniques for the Investigation of (Membrane) Proteins" on 27 July 2016 [full program]

One-day symposium, organized and presented by PhD students of the SFB 1078 "Protonation Dynamics in Protein Function", taking place at FU Berlin

Research Seminars 2016 

Seminar Day on 7 March 2016


Research Seminars 2015 

Seminar Day on 19 Oct. 2015 [full program]


Seminar Day on 8 June 2015 [full program]


Seminar Day on 23 Feb. 2015 [full program]

  • Lecture by Prof. Nikolaus Ernsting - Terahertz Spectroscopy and water dynamics
  • Talk by Mario Gerecke (project A3) - Femtosecond Time-resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • Discussions during Common Lunch
  • Guided lab tours in the group of Prof. Nikolaus Ernsting
  • Talk by Jan Daldrop (project C1) - Stochastic modeling of proton diffusion


Annual Progress Reports 2014

  • PhD student presentations - research area C on 21 Nov. 2014 [program C]
  • PhD student presentations - research area A on 28 Nov. 2014 [program A]
  • PhD student presentations - research area B on 1 Dec. 2014 [program B]


Participation in the German Biophysical Society Meeting 2014

The Annual Meeting of the German Biophysical Society took place at the University of Lübeck from 14 to 17 September 2014. A total of 21 PhD students and 3 postdocs from the SFB 1078 participated and presented their recent scientific results. The numerous contributions, 22 posters and one talk given by Julian Kappler (project C1), made a significant scientific impact at the meeting. More details on the contributions by the SFB can be found here.


Research Seminars 2014 

Seminar Day on 16 June 2014 [full program]


Seminar on 3 Feb. 2014 with


Seminar on 6 Jan. 2014 with


Annual Progress Reports 2013

  • PhD student presentations - part 1 on 2 Dec. 2013 [program 1]
  • PhD student presentations - part 2 on 9 Dec. 2013 [program 2]


Research Seminars 2013 

Seminar on 4 Nov. 2013 with


Seminar on 8 July 2013 with


Seminar on 10 June 2013 with


Seminar on 27 May 2013 with

  • Prof. Inez Weidinger - Characterisation of Cytochrome c oxidase and other heme proteins by Resonance Raman spectroscopy [slides]
  • Anna Lena Wölke (project C2) - Cytochrome c oxidase: Theoretical investigations and vibrational spectroscopy [slides]


Seminar on 29 April 2013 with

  • Prof. Franz Bartl
  • Franziska Schneider (project B2) - Electrophysiological Characterization of Channelrhodopsins