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International Symposium 2015 - Protonation Dynamics in Redox Proteins


Freie Universität Berlin - Department of Physics - Lecture Hall A / Library
Arnimallee 14, D-14195 Berlin, Germany. How to find us.


Link to the detailed program as PDF.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
9:00 Registration  
9:30 Holger Dau, Freie Universität Berlin - SFB project A4
Protonation dynamics in photosynthetic water oxidation
20 min
10:00 Robert B. Gennis, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, USA  >>
Diversity of the Heme-Copper Oxidoreductase Superfamily
30 min
10:40 Per Siegbahn, Stockholm University, Sweden  >>
Proton transfer steps in photosystem II and cytochrome c oxidase
30 min
11:20 Coffee break  
11:50 Felix Ho, Uppsala University, Sweden  >>
Water: a multitasker in Photosystem II
30 min
12:30 Johannes Messinger, Umea University, Sweden  >>
Substrate binding and exchange in biological water-oxidation
30 min
13:10  Lunch break   
14:30 Guided Tour "100 Years of Research in the Science Quarter Berlin-Dahlem" 90 min
16:30 Coffee break  
17:00  Ernst-Walter Knapp, Freie Universität Berlin - SFB project C2
Proton transfer in cytochrome c oxidase
20 min
17:30  Ulrike Alexiev, Freie Universität Berlin - SFB project A2
Protonation and conformational dynamics at the surface of proteins
20 min
18:00  Petra Imhof, Freie Universität Berlin - SFB project C5
Pathways in Cytochrome c Oxidase: Proton Transfer and Communication
20 min
19:00  Dinner buffet   
20:00  Poster Session  90 min
Thursday, September 17, 2015
9:30  Peter Rich, University College London, UK  >>
Mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidases: functions of the hydrophilic channels
30 min
10:10  Constantinos Varotsis, Cyprus University of Technology, Lemesos, Cyprus  >>
Detection of functional hydrogen-bonded water molecules with protonated/deprotonated key carboxyl side chains in the respiratory enzyme ba3-oxidoreductase
30 min
10:50 Joachim Heberle, Freie Universität Berlin - SFB project A1 and B3
Microfluidic IR spectroscopy on cytochrome c and its cognate oxidase
20 min
11:20  Coffee break   
11:50  Robert Burnap, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, USA  >>
Second sphere ligands steer the reactivity of the catalytic metal cluster of photosynthetic oxygen evolution
30 min
12:30  Miwa Sugiura, Emihe University, Japan  >>
Effects of Structural Modification around TyrZ and D1-His190 on Proton-coupled Electron Transfer in Photosystem II
30 min
13:10  Lunch break   
14:45 Option 1: Guided Tour "History and Overview of the Botanic Garden in Berlin-Dahlem"
Option 2: Guided Tour by Yvonne Zilliges "The new CYANO laboratories at FU Berlin"
60 min
16:30 Coffee break  
17:00  Martin Bommer, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - SFB project A5
Photosystem II in a crystalline packing that resembles its native membrane
20 min
17:30  Ivelina Zaharieva, Freie Universität Berlin - SFB project A4
Structural and functional parallels between the biological water oxidation site and a synthetic manganese-oxide catalyst
20 min
18:00 Ana-Nicoleta Bondar, Freie Universität Berlin - SFB project C4
Dynamic carboxylate/water networks on the surface of the PsbO component of Photosystem II
20 min
19:00 Dinner buffet  
20:00  Discussion Round
Introduction and Moderation: Holger Dau
90 min
Friday, September 18, 2015
9:30  Ville Kaila, Technische Universität München, Germany  >>
Functional water in respiratory and photosynthetic enzymes
30 min
10:10  Qiang Cui, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA  >>
QM/MM analysis of proton pumping in cytochrome c oxidase
30 min
10:50  Inez Weidinger, Technische Universität Berlin - SFB project A1
Voltage driven electron and proton transfer of cytochrome c oxidase on electrodes probed by surface enhanced resonance Raman spectroscopy
20 min
11:20  Coffee break  
11:50  Roland Netz, Jan Daldrop, Freie Universität Berlin - SFB project C1
Proton transition paths are hot
20 min
12:20  Michael Haumann, Freie Universität Berlin  >>
Photosynthetic water oxidation studied by x-ray emssion spectroscopy
20 min
12:50  Lunch break   
14:00  Stenbjörn Styring, Uppsala University, Sweden  >>
Proton reactions around the redox active tyrosines in Photosystem II
30 min
14:40  Peter Brzezinski, Stockholm University, Sweden  >>
Cytochrome c oxidase - mechanism and regulation
30 min
15:20  Concluding Discussion   
16:30  Coffee break   
17:00  End of symposium   


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