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Closing Symposium CRC 1078

Over the past dozen years, our CRC 1078 has been  addressing critical challenges in understanding the protonation dynamics of several membrane proteins such as photosystem II, cytochrome C oxidase, channelrhodopsins and viroporins. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and shared expertise, we've made significant progress in electron- and chromophore-driven protonation dynamics and bridged the gap to explore fundamental processes by applying theoretical approaches.

This conference serves as a platform to showcase the remarkable work of our researchers and partners in the field of biophysics. Participants will have the opportunity to attend insightful presentations and network with peers and leaders in the field.

Join us to celebrate our achievements, reflect on past successes and chart the course for future innovation.


Exciting news! Our scientific conference will begin with a special opening lecture by Nobel Laureate Prof. Hartmut Michel at the Humboldt Forum in Berlin's Schloss.

He shared the 1988 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with colleagues Deisenhofer and Huber for determining the first crystal structure of the photosynthetic reaction centre - a membrane-bound complex of proteins and cofactors essential for photosynthesis.

It's a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable perspectives and kick off our conference on a high note.

Mark your calendars!


we are satellite meeting to the EBEC in Innsbruck

Registration and Poster Submission


We ask all attendees to register using the following link by end of July. Registration will open May.

Conference fees

The conference fee can be paid by credit card or wire tranfers upon registration. After successful registration attendees will receive a confirmation email.

Non-SFB members  
Regular Attendee 300 EUR
Student Attendee 200 EUR
SFB members free of charge

Submission of Poster abstracts

We invite all young researchers to present at our poster session, Monday afternoon (2.9.). Submission link will open in July 2024 and only be available to already registered attendees.