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Gender and Diversity

Gender and diversity measures

The SFB 1078 has taken several measures to provide equal opportunities for all genders and promote diversity within our collaborative research center.

Our gender and diversity consultant, Sarah Huch.

Our gender and diversity consultant, Sarah Huch.

Dr. Sarah Huch is the new Consultant and Coordinator for Gender & Diversity in several CRCs in physics and chemistry at FU Berlin, including CRC 1449, 1349, 1078 and TRR 227.

Some of you may know her from “Fachtag: Gender, Diversity & Career Development”.

Her tasks include the implementation of equal opportunity measures as defined by the DFG. She will develop and organize seminars, workshops and talks to promote gender and diversity competencies in CRCs and to support scientists in their academic careers. Your ideas for new measures are welcome and can be implemented and financed from the equal opportunity lump sum.

Implementation of equal opportunity measures as defined by the DFG:

The focus is on

  • promoting gender and diversity competencies
  • developing and organize seminars, lectures, workshops
  • supporting scientists (especially female scientists) in their academic careers ((Self)-Empowerment, Networking…) e.g. with workshops and trainings
  • providing introductory information and practical recommendations for the integration of gender and diversity aspects into research and teaching

We are open to your questions and issues, and are looking forward to the exchange!

You are welcome to contact us at gender-diversity@sfb1078.de and/or follow her on Twitter @GenderDivFU.

If you need emergency child services, please use the links at the bottom left!

If you need emergency child services, please use the links at the bottom left!
Image Credit: KidsMobil

The DFG is providing the SFB with separate funds for targeted measures to promote equal opportunities for all genders in science and academia as well as to make jobs in science and academia more family friendly.

As a reseracher of the SFB you may apply for funding of gender equality measures. Requests should be addressed to the SFB 1078 office and we'll provide a more detailed form to apply (contact).

Examples of family duties:

  • Staff, e.g., student assistants that can take over routine tasks from scientists
  • Equipment of a workplace at home (given that an adequate workplace is available at the reseracher's institute)
  • Establishment of a parent-child room at your workplace
  • Childcare and children activities during school vacation
  • A mobile childcare worker or a babysitter service for childcare outside of the regular operating hours of local day-care centers and to the extent that project-related reasons prevent parents from looking after their children, or on special occasions like sickness

   For emergency childcare at your institution use the links below in the link section!

With the purpose of career advancement of women in science:

  • Fees for mentoring programs, soft skill seminars, management training, women conferences, etc.
  • Fees for coaching

Funding conditions

The funds can only be applied to measures benefiting the researchers in the SFB. Because women are underrepresented at the management level in science and academia, career advancement measures designed to promote gender equality can only be funded if they benefit women, especially those in the early stage of their careers.

Measures for childcare must be financed through the university or a contractor of the university, i.e., direct payment to the parents are not permissible. Measures that cannot be funded with gender-equality grants of the SFB include e.g., basic childcare, participation of researchers in conferences, and invitations to visiting researchers.

The FU provides a family room with a Kids Box at the physics department which is available to all members of the department. More information can be found in the following document available in German and English.


Detailed information is provided in the following DFG guidelines:

  • Module: Gender equality measures in research networks, document no. 52.14 (>>)
  • Excerpt from Guidelines: Collaborative research centers (in English or German)
  • Merkblatt: Gleichstellungsmaßnahmen in Sonderforschungsbereichen (available in German only)