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Mind the Lab 2019

IGK at Mind the Lab 2019

IGK at Mind the Lab 2019

Mind the Lab is a unique international platform, developed by the Greek organisation SciCo and implemented in Berlin from Paul-Drude-Institut, where scientists can present their projects at the public transport stations during the rush hour.

Why are the proteins moving? What triggers their movements and what determines them? How are these movements related to the function of proteins and what is the role of water and protonation state? The scientists in the SFB 1078 are trying to answer these questions and this was illustrated from the PhD students from IGK during the Berlin Mind the Lab afternoon on November 7, 2019 at U-bahn station Möckernbrücke. With a simple microscope, screen and a computer, combined with attractive posters they were explaining to the interested passers-by why our research is important for the science and society.

Here can be seen a summary of our presentation.