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Public Outreach

Berlin Science Week

The PhD students from the IGK present the SFB 1078 research program with an exposition in the Museum of Natural History and other activities.

Long Night of Sciences

Each year, PhD students of the IGK organize and present the SFB and its research to the general public in the framework of the Long Night of the Sciences. Starting from 2016, the presentations of the SFB 1078 for visitors of the Long Night of Sciences included projects from FU as well as TU Berlin.

Berlin Festival of Lights

Initiated by the PhD students in 2018 the work of the SFB 1078 was successfully presented at the Berlin Festival of Lights. Alongside the projection at the Telefunken Tower, an exhibition of posters and project-related experiments was organized by the students and held at the TU Berlin, Institute of Architecture.

Mind the Lab

Science at the Berlin U-Bahn station Möckernbrücke: PhD students from SFB 1078 demonstrated our research within the Mind the Lab event in November 2019

Public lectures

The IGK students successfully present their research giving public lectures at different forums