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Public Lectures

Jovan Dragelj

Jovan Dragelj

Refugee Academy, July 2016, Berlin

Talk be Jovan Dragelj: "Computational Chemistry - Virtual Science"

Refugee Academy is a non-profit organisation working on integration and education of refugees. In the early stage of it's development the talk had a purpose to showcase one example of science done at FU Berlin, in this case my research in the field of computational chemistry on cytochrome c oxidase supported by SFB 1078. In a few months following the talk, I was providing information about life science studies and opportunities for German language courses for refugees at FU Berlin.

Unit Festival and Get Together at Bayer AG by Unicorns in Tech,  April and July 2016, Berlin

Talks by Jovan Dragelj: "Computational Chemistry - A Whole New Virtual World ” and Virtual Science Realness”

The talks were about the opportunities to do biophysical research with computational methods on interesting systems like cytochrome c oxidase, DNA repair mechanism and phytochromes, withing the SFB 1078 as an example DFG program. The talks were very welcomed at Bayer AG where medical/pharmaceutical issues are addressed with similar approaches. The organizer of both events, Unicorns in Tech, is an LGBT+ professional network which helps diversity by working on connecting and increasing visibility of professionals from technology and science.