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Former and current members of the SFB 1078 will be at the 2023 Biophysical Society Conference

The Proton Reactions Conference in Tahoe, California has been co-organized by former PI Ana-Nicoleta Bondar.

News from Feb 09, 2023

Alumni member of the SFB 1078, Ana-Nicoleta Bondar (former project C4), has co-organized the Biophysical Society Conference Proton Reactions: From Basic Science to Biomedical Applications which will take place in Tahoe, California, USA on August 20-24, 2023. Ana-Nicoleta Bondar has been a full professor in physics at the University of Bucharest in Romania since April 2021.

The goal of the conference is to connect interdisciplinary researchers from around the world who study protons from different perspectives — this includes chemists, structural biologists, and physiologists. One such researcher will be SFB 1078 member Roland Netz, theoretical physicist and PI of project C1, who will be speaking at the conference.

The registration is now open, and we encourage more SFB 1078 members to attend the conference. 


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