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List of Projects

Research Area A: Electron-driven protonation dynamics – redox proteins

A1 Electron-driven protonation dynamics in cytochrome c oxidase Prof. Dr. Joachim Heberle (FU),
Prof. Dr. Inez Weidinger (TU)
A2 Surface protonation and conformational dynamics in cytochrome c oxidase and photoreceptors Prof. Dr. Ulrike Alexiev (FU)
A4 Tracking protonation dynamics in photosynthetic water oxidation in wild-type and mutated photosystem II Prof. Dr. Holger Dau (FU)
A5 Structural basis of proton release from the water-oxidizing complex in cyanobacterial photosystem II Prof. Dr. Athina Zouni (HU),
Prof. Dr. Holger Dobbek (HU)
A6 Proton turnover rates of single heme copper oxidases operating against electrochemical gradients Dr. Stephan Block (FUB)


Research Area B: Chromophore-driven protonation dynamics - photoreceptors

B1 Proton exchange processes in phytochromes and retinal proteins investigated by MAS NMR Prof. Dr. Hartmut Oschkinat (FMP)
B2 Gating and ion transport dynamics in channelrhodopsins and light-driven pumps Prof. Dr. Peter Hegemann (HU)
B3 Identification of proton and hydrogen bond dynamics in channelrhodopsin and related systems Prof. Dr. Joachim Heberle (FU)
B4 Hydrogen bonding network in channel- and other rhodopsins and phytochromes analyzed by site-directed mutagenesis and labeling Dr. Ramona Schlesinger (FU)
B5 Spectroscopic investigations of proton transfer processes and hydrogen bonded networks in channelrhodopsins and phytochromes Prof. Dr. Franz Bartl (Charité)
B6 Proton-coupled conformational changes in photoreceptors Prof. Dr. Peter Hildebrandt (TU),
Dr. Patrick Scheerer (Charité)
B7 Ultrafast dynamics and structural studies of prokaryotic and plant phytochromes Prof. Dr. Karsten Heyne (FU)
Prof. Dr. Jon Hughes (JLU)
Dissecting the mechanism of proton and cation conductance in viroporins using vibrational spectroscopy

Dr. Jacek Kozuch (FU)

Atomic structure and conduction mechanism of viral proton channels in liposomes studied by solid-state NMR Prof. Dr. Adam Lange (FMP)


Research Area C: The bridge toward fundamental processes - theory

C1 Large-scale and small-scale diffusive and dielectric aspects of proton motion Prof. Dr. Roland Netz (FU)
C2 Understanding proton transfer in phytochrome and cytochrome c oxidase

Prof. Dr. Maria Andrea Mroginski (TU)

Protonation depending photochemistry in rhodopsin and phytochrome photoreceptors Prof. Dr. Igor Schapiro (HUJI)
Structural bases of proton dynamics in viroporins by multiscale modelling and simulation Prof. Dr. Cecilia Clementi (FU)
Proton permeation pathway and ion selectivity of viroporins investigated by atomistic molecular dynamics simulations Dr. Han Sun (FMP)